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These references have been kindly made available by my clients.

Dear Friedensreich!

Once again I did like to say a heartfelt thankyou for your help on Friday. You have helped so much as I was feeling very low (also because of my mixed feelings about the discussion with my partner the following day) Thanks to your support and help I soon felt much better and was able to feel hope and confidence again.
Thank you for your time and sympathetic assistence. I value you our conversations and your help very much.

I wish you much energy, light and love, from my bottom of my heart
Romana, Bad Ischl, 6.6.2008

Dear Friedensreich!

I'd like to say hello and let you know how I am doing. I'm planing to leave Toronto at the end of July to fly to Vancouver. I want to take part in a work camp on an Island north of Vancouver. Afterwards I plan to stay a few days in Victoria then go to Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains. My savings should see me through four weeks. I don't know what I'll do after that. I have found an interesting company and will apply for a position there. I am really happy with the decision because to Canada to work outdoors and this job wouldn't have made any sense if I didn't go. I'm anxious but it's the only chance. Once again thank you for your openess. I know there are many paths to happiness but, as you told me, the most importent thing is to be happy with myself. That isn't always easy in situations such as this.

Ewald advised me to write a happiness diary to help me concentrate on the positive things. So I thought I'd let you know the positve things that I have experienced. The positive things about to day were that I posted an application for a new and interesting job, I cooked some delicious spaghetti and Scott drove me to work tonight. I have finished the application for the work camp and am looking foreward to leaving Toronto in about six weeks.

Dear Friedensreich I would like to continue writing to you about my adventures here in Canada. Thank you for your time.

Greetings from a boiling hot Toronto!
Andrea, 10.6.2008

Dear Friedensreich!

Wishing you all the best for the coming Christmas and health and happiness for the new year. I'm getting better at following your wise advice and I thank you for the little pushes that were necessary to get me back onto my path.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

Love Stefan, 17.12.07

Hello dear Friedensreich!

Today exactly a year has passed since we met at a shaman drumming group. An astonishing amount of growing pains and looking back, and even greater growing process. A spirituel pupil is like a caterpillar and the master a butterfly. It is difficult for the master to explain to the pupil what he means. He can only describe his experiences. The butterfly describes flying, of wonderful flowers, fields, the world of the heavens and how he is carried about by the wind. That is all fine but the catterpillar can't really comprehend it.

The master must encourage the pupil to want to have particular experiences. That's all he can do. I'd like to thank you that I am following this path today. I want to follow this path. ;-)))

The discussion with my present very authentic teacher constantly reminds me of what you have already told me. I'd simply like to express my thanks for your constant support and presence.

I'm glad that I found you. ;-))
Greetings Petra, 19.11.07

This ist the report of the experiences of a client, that I have been helping since the beginning of September 2006

When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come!

It is now almost 3 months since I found a shaman drumming group and took part in a shaman healing ceremony. I'd like to describe my expereinces. I don't want it to be just a report of my experiences but I want to describe my development and my conviction of the results with my own words.

Weeks before I joint the group in Mödling I researched the meaning of the "power animals" and how we can integrate their messages and habits into our lives. My shaman teacher called my "power animals" and sent them to me in a crystal. And this was very important for me. I believed in their significance and their ability to help. I always ask them for help.

In the drumming group my shaman teacher, with whom I had in the weeks before, held intensive therapies brought back a part of my soul. Also an extraction was carried out during this powerful ceremony. All the shaman present during this ceremony were able to feel the energy that had been set free. I was surprised by the knowledgable information and tips that the shamans brought back from their journey and I simply felt good.

Although it was clear that everything wouldn't immediatly change for the better or enable me to lead an independent and happy life where all my problems would simply disapear.

The real work was about to begin! ;-)

Afterwards I frequently had to face my fears which had been forced to the surface in various forms. They presented themselves as a rash on my face or a particularly bad panic attack in the night. I was forced to face my fears to work through them. I also had intensive dreams and nightmares and, for some time I woke every night at exactly 2 am with a shudder - very strange, but I wasn't anxious because I had constant shaman support.

After returning from Vienna I set up a small altar on the sideboard in my appartment. A ceramic heart with an indentation in which I put a candle and light it every day. Around it lie the stones from the return of the power animals and the part of my lost soul and a ceramic angle that my daughter had given me before I went to Vienna. I stand in front of this altar and reflect. I often kiss the stones, press them to my heart and pray for further support on my journey with the big wish not to repeat my old patterns and to let my inner child grow up. Hopeless wishes? I don't think so.

As since then my dreams and also my fears have eased. My life is continuing to develop well and I feel that I have managed to shake of my role as a victim. This gives me great vitality and at the moment I feel richly blessed by life.

The most important thing is for me to recognise why I react the way I do in particular situations. And that certain convictions (wf: doctrines) and behavior patterns lead to this feelings. It took a long time to crack this secret.

Negative feelings and behaviour still occur but less frequently and these feelings no longer control me. I remember what I have been told and what I have learned and I use this knowledge.

One of the more difficult challenges for me is not to "beat myself up" when I fail.

I don't expect to become a new person but I no longer fear responsibility, making mistakes or rejection. I will retain my past experiences but I can now see them from another angle so they are no longer so painful and paralysing.

Although I'm making progress I want to do without the empathy, care and support from my advisor. It would be a pity to give up now that I have achieved so much.

Loving Greetings from crazy Schwabenländle ;-)
Petra, 12.2.2007

Dear Friedensreich!

I wanted to thank you once again für the prayer last saturday. Passing my Physics finals is a great success for me as now I have achieved a seventh of my goal. I think it is astonishing that the 1st of February ist the Saints day of Brigitta. A heathen connection that refers to the Imbolccelebration.

David, 31.1.2007

P.S. We will see each other on 24/2/07 for the "12 Ray round".

Dear Friedensreich!

I did like to let you know my thoughts at the moment. Sometime in spring when Ewald asked me how I was and I answered I felt like a snake that has to slough its skin or it will die. I have never had suisidal thoughts but never the less I felt little joy in my life. At this point he suggested that psyciatric therapy would be a good idea. The phychotherapy with all ist awful realisations made me sink even deeper. By coincidence I saw a book in a bookstore window by Sandra Ingerman and I bought the book "The return of the Lost Soul" and was very moved by it.

In my desparation I contacted Ewald again and he directed me to you.

You help me greatly with all your wisdom and I am slowly feeling get return of my enjoyment of life and my fears are abaiting... Slowly, very slowly, my life is evolving in the direction that I want it to and I don't know how to express my gratitude.

Loving greetings
Petra, 17.11.2006

Dear Friedrich!

I have a quiet moment and would very much like to thank you for all your help and warm support. My life has changed for the better since meeting you and you have played a major role in this. I couldn't have done it without you.

And even I fit gets more difficult I woluldn't be in this much stronger position if you hadn't helped me at so many levels.

Thank you
Kyra, 1.12.2006

Dear Friedensreich!

It has been a very enentful but also a tiring week. Much has happened since the last "12 Ray-round" at your home. Thanks to our conversation a light has turned on about the changes in myself. I have made great strides in my development and I am doing is primarily for myself and not because of the money that I could earn. My attitude to money has changed (the universe will look after me). I have had two little tests in the last few days and I was pleased to be able to use my newly aquired knowledge in two difficult situtations. I was able to keep my cool and sort out the situation in a way that everyone was happy with.

These were tests and I responded differently than I would have in the past and that was good.

But the most important thing is that I am enjoying my development. I am doing it primarily for myself and will of course continue with it.

I see you clearly as one of the most significant figures in my mental and spiritual development. I just wanted to tell you that.

So, once again Friedensreich, many thanks for what you have done for me over the last weeks. You are great at passing on your knowledge and I appreciate what you do for others. I hope you can accept these words.

I thank you, see you soon
Martin, 23.10.2006

Dear Friedensreich!

Your leaving party moved me very much. I was able to secretly observe your charisma and it was astounding how much you had changed.

After stumbling across your homepage I realised that we had obviously experience a similar fate.

Luckly I have met a very nice woman who is interestes in spiritual things such as channelling, Reiki, meditation etc. At the moment she is attending a course as an art therapist. She thinks that I should learn more about these subjects so we could discuss them, and be happier with my life because everything has a meaning. And now after having experieced you as you now are, you can perhaps imagine my astonishment. I knew you, during the time we worked together, as an exellent technician and a very human boss, and when I experienced your new charisma which I percieved as being very calm and "far above earthly things" something happende to me.

If someone that I knew and valued from a previous life (I mean before 2000) lives his life according to his philosophies. Then that should be also possible for me. I'm very thankful to you for showing me this. You are the living proof that someone who is technically trained can live a spiritual life, and as such that Monday evening was an important milestone for me.

I'd like to thank you for that and I hope we hear from another.

Manfred, 21.6.2006

Description of me on Ewald's homepage.

Friedensreich has accompanied me as a "wise person" and shaman teacher in my activity as a "modern shaman" over the last three years.

For me he is a friend and a partner in discussion as well as a teacher and coach. I have experienced him in his endeavours as a visionary of humanity and recognise how deeply spirituality can work. He ist interested in energy studies and meditation in different forms.
He describes his visions in his modest manner "I attempt to create a circle of harmony around myself and every day I try to extend this circle a little."

Ewald, 3.5.2006

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